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My First 3 Months of Quarantine

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

2020 has been quite a year.

First of all, I’ve missed chatting with you guys.

Here’s a quick update on my first 3 months of quarantine.

*sigh Covid, schmovid.

March 2020: I taught my last in person class on March 13th. I was ordered to work my engineering job from home full time too. I used to teach Abs class (at work) on Wednesdays at noon followed by INSANITY at 12:30. I was also teaching 3-4 sewing classes on Saturdays and Sundays. This was a HUGE slow down in activity for me. My doctor advised me to stay indoors until they had a little more research on this Covid thing. So I stayed put. I ordered food and groceries online. I still had my own personal Zumba classes on the rooftop of the parking garage near my house.

April 2020: Face Mask Frenzy! All shipments from China were put on halt so I had to kick my sewing into high gear. I started sewing face masks for all of my friends, family, local businesses and pretty much anyone else who reached out and personally asked. This quickly stressed me out because there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to accommodate all of the requests. So I started on online store for “Crystal control” ( The online store enabled me to put all orders in a queue, give customers (and myself) a reasonable timeframe for when their orders would be delivered, and I was able to use the money made to donate masks to healthcare professionals. I also created a video teaching others how to sew face masks and how to quickly start an online store (for free)! In the video I break down how I made $1,000 in 4 days! I actually had to raise my prices in order to slow down the incoming orders! I use bluehost for all of my websites and it was super easy to start! Click here to start your own website now, I’m an affiliate!

Here’s a link to that video:

(If the above video does not appear, here’s the link: ). Shout out to Sandy Smith ( She’s the leader of the Hustle Crew and she encouraged me to make the video and put me in front of her audience of almost 20,000 people!

May 2020: At this point I’ve hand made over 500 face masks and earned $3,215.48 in online sales. This is does not include fabric, supplies and shipping expenses. I spent SO much money on shipping because I provided free shipping. I also spent a lot of time researching all of the online shipping companies to see who had the best shipping rates and seamless process.

I will update June, July and August in my next post.

I wanted so share at least one of my November goals:

No going out to eat! This challenge has SO many levels to it. But the bottom line is that I have been making a few real estate moves. A tenant is moving out next week and that is leaving a HUGE hole in my pocket. I plan on selling that property. So I need to cut back on a few things until that transaction is complete. One thing you learn very early on in real estate is to never get excited until you have a check in your hand, not an offer but a real check!

Now I’d like to hear about your first few months in quarantine.

How did things change in your life?

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