Happy 11th Birthday Sophisticated Spender!!!!!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Home made outfit!

Today is Sophisticated Spender’s 9th Birthday. When I started my blog waaay back in 2011, I never knew where this journey would lead.

My officemate introduced me to JMoney’s blog and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’m an engineer by trade so I did not have ANY writing experience. I just wanted to tell my story. I wanted everyone to see the world through the eyes from a girl from the south side of Chicago.

I wrote about how I flunked out of college twice.

I wrote about how I messed up my credit while in college.

I wrote about graduation day.

I wrote about not being able to find a job after graduating with my fancy pants Electrical and Computer Engineering degree.

I wrote about buying my first duplex.

I wrote about moving to the DC area.

I wrote about digging out of credit card debt.

I wrote about paying off my car in 17 months.

I wrote about my experience as a day trader.

I wrote about starting my first (of many) side hustle.

I wrote about my multiple streams of income.

I wrote about my hate for Wells Fargo.

I wrote about bitcoin.

I wrote about being a Zumba, Body Shred and INSANITY instructor.

I wrote starting my sewing business and not buying clothes again.

I wrote about being a landlord.

I wrote about buying empty lots or $1.

I wrote about traveling to well over 20 countries and islands.

I wrote about moving into a 500 square foot studio.

I’ve hosted countless giveaways.

I wrote about finding my tribe of people who have helped me along the way (this can’t be done alone).

I wrote about any and EVERYthing!

I’ve loved hearing from you every step of the way and I’ve loved sharing my story and being as transparent as possible.

Full recap will be posted tomorrow on what I’ve been up to!!!!

Cheers to many many more years!


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