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Why I Love Credit Cards That Have An Annual Fee

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I know this is going to sound crazy but….

I LOVE credit cards that have an annual fee.

Here’s how a conversation with my friends went:

Me: I’m writing a blog post about credit cards that have annual fees and I’m sharing how much I love credit cards that have an annual fee.

Friends: You’re crazy.

Friends: I don’t pay annual fees!

Friends:  I only have cards that don’t have annual fees and I earn points with all of my purchases.

Me: Hear me out for a second…

Credit cards that have an annual fee spoil you.

Hotel credit cards give you free rooms that are normally worth more than the annual fee you pay.

Airline credit cards give you free flights that are also worth more than the annual fee you pay.

My favorite card is the Chase Sapphire Reserve and their annual fee is $450.

Yes I said $450 (I’m actually on team, the higher the fee the better).

Here’s what’s included in that fee:

$300 in travel credit:  I receive an immediate credit when I pay for anything travel related: flights, hotels, parking, and etc.

Priority Pass: Me and my guests eat and drink (alcohol included) for free at pretty much any airport I walk into (even on international flights).

Global Entry (with Pre-Check): I get to keep my shoes and coat on while going through security at the airport. AND I have a crazy short line when I’m entering back into the US after international trips.

Rewards points: 3 points for each dollar spent on dining and traveling. And 50% increase on points when spent on travel.

My $450 annual fee more than pays for itself.  Especially in food in drinks and comfy seating at airports. (The Atlanta airport actually gives you a mini hotel suite to relax in while waiting for your flight.)


I put pretty much all of my purchases on my Chase Sapphire Reserve card and pay it in full every month.  I’ve earned and redeemed thousands of dollars of points and perks with this card.  It comes HIGHLY recommended.

Today’s homework: Explore different credit cards with annual fees and see which card would spoil you the most!

***I only recommend this step if you’re good with paying off your cards in full every month.

***UPDATE!  They have canceled their referral program because they know how wonderful their card is.  But if you have a business, I also recommend the Chase Ink credit card.  I use my points to pay for a lot of my recurring business expenses.

Here’s my referral link if you want to earn some bonus points:

Earn 100,000 points with the Ink Business Preferred® card or 75,000 points with the Ink Business Unlimited® card or Ink Business Cash® card. I can be rewarded too, learn more.

What are your thoughts on credit cards with an annual fee?

Are you sold?


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