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Could You Survive One Day As The Sophisticated Spender? Monday Edition

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Your girl Sophisticated Spender is a hustler!

Last week someone said,

“I’m convinced Crystal doesn’t sleep at all!”

Every day of my life is intense!

Here’s my typical Monday:

See if you can keep up!

5:00 am Wake up and sometimes meditate…oh and make the bed (yeah right)!

6:00 am Arrive at work (US Patent & Trademark Office).  If I don’t make a smoothie at home, I buy about a week’s worth of smoothies and juices from Aldi or Whole Foods.  This week I packed cereal and coconut milk from Trader Joe’s.  The most expensive option is a quick breakfast from the cafe at work.

1:15 pm Lunch break!  I actually head to the gym and grab a muscle milk or a pressed juice from my Aldi stash.

1:30 pm Teach INSANITY at the fitness center at the USPTO.  I love this side hustle because it’s right at my job.


2:35 pm Back to my desk (after a crazy fast shower of course).

4:00 pm Rush to the studio to prep for the sewing class that I teach.  I’m a small business owner at Sip and Sew Old Town

6:00-8:00 pm Teach a few cool peeps to sew. (These are real students in the picture below: Kat, Lindsay and Hannah).

sip and sew old town, sewing class, sophisticated spender


9ish Find food (sometimes with students from class too)!

11ish Decompress, clean (ha!), turn on TV and drift off to sleep



Monies spent:

I typically don’t spend much on Mondays because I’m so busy.  My most expensive breakfast is $7 (cafe). Muscle Milk ($6) lunch.  Dinner ($20).

However, I make $35 teaching INSANITY and an average of $200 for the sewing class.  This is the only day of the week (besides Friday) that I don’t mind buying food because there’s no way I’d have the time to cook.


I will check in with you on Tuesday!

What’s a typical Monday like in your world?

Please let me know in the comments!!!!!


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