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My Best And Worse Experiences With Spirit Airlines

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE to travel.

But I’m not rich.

Sometimes I’ve traveled using Groupons, Trip Advisor, AirBNB and *dare I say….

SPIRIT Airlines.

You can’t frugally travel without Spirit Airlines yo!

Let’s start with the good:

  1. Transparency: You know what you’re buying.  The goal of Spirit is to get you from point A to Point B. Period! No snacks, no leg room, a little bit of turbulence, no printing of your ticket for you, no e-ticket, no seat selection, no big bags!
  2. Here’s a tip: Never pay to pick your seat.  I’m tall and their algorithms somehow know this and I always get an aisle seat.
  3. On time:  I’ve ALWAYS arrived on time (sometimes even early) to my destinations.  Not sure if this is luck because I’ve heard some horror stories.  But so far, so good for me.
  4. It’s Cheap:  The prices are always crazy low and I sometimes score a pretty cheap car rental when I book with them too.  If you’re expecting fancy snacks and service, please go back to #1.
  5. They’re anti-hoarding:  I pack like a pro when I fly Spirit.  They charge for carry ons that are larger than a backpack. They are actually doing you a favor!  They are preventing you from packing a whole bunch of crap you really don’t need in the first place. I can fit pretty much an entire week’s worth of clothing in my backpack.

Now the bad:

No complaints here!



The key takeaway is to know what you’re buying.  I’ve flown Spirit over 20 times and I am a self proclaimed Spiritologist.  My main goal with Spirit is to somewhere quickly.  I’ve traveled in emergencies and booked same day tickets for awesome prices.  They’ve been a lifesaver for me.


On the other hand, I know that some people REALLY hate Spirit airlines.


I’d love to hear about your Spirit experiences.  Let me know in the comments below!

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