Blog And Income Stats: October, November and December 2016

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I owe you some updates!!!

I will just get right to it!

Blog and Income Stats: October 2016

Readership: 924 (+78) improvement

Blog Income: $125 (affiliate income)

Fitness Income (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $392.65

eBay: $68.25 (finally sold the same pair of boots I’ve been trying to sell since last winter)

Sewing: $95 (sold my first 2 online sewing lessons)

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October in a nutshell:

iTravel: Went home to Chicago for a charity Spin, Zumba, INSANITY event

iWorkout: taught another free Zumba event in my VA neighborhood

iHustle: Created thanks to the #1KHustle

iSew: Sold 2 spots for my online sewing classes

Blog and Income Stats: November 2016

Readership: 410 (-514) I missed a LOT of posts

Blog Income: $0 (not surprised)

Fitness Income (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $301.90

Focus Group: $100 (totally forgot the topic-I just remember there was free food!)

Sewing: $70 (new member of the family)

Top Post:  Losing the Mortgage Interest Deduction

November in a nutshell:

iTravel: Guadeloupe-crazy cheap: $183 Flight $393 hotel. Flew to NY on a Private Jet

iWorkout: Taught a new Zumba class in Georgetown for the the medical students.

iHustle: Created my first eBook: 5 Reasons You Haven’t Started Your Side Hustle & How to Fix That!

iSew: Made cute clothes for my vacation and hosted first Sip and Sew!  Created Sip And Sew Old Town

Blog and Income Stats: December 2016

Readership: 626 (+216) I missed a few posts

Blog Income: $65 (affiliate income)

Fitness Income (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $173.43 (fitness center was closed for a week)

Sewing: $487 (taught 1 Sip and Sew)

Facebook Likes (Since September): 353 (+14)

Twitter Followers (Since September): 1,029 (+102)

Top Post:  I Received A $500 Check From Wells Fargo And I’m Pissed

December in a nutshell:

iTravel: still in Guadeloupe

iWorkout: Fitness Center was closed for a week.  I did NOT workout over the break.

iSew: Finally filled my Sip and Sew class.  Lots of awesome connections made too!

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How was your 2016?????

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