Friday Five: #1KHustle Side Income Challenge

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I haven’t done a Friday Five in a looooong time.

Shout out to J Money from Budgets are Sexy for the idea.

I’ll ask 5 questions that have a common theme and we all provide our answers.

Here we go!

Today’s Friday Five is all about side hustles.

We all have something we’re CRAZY good at.

Things we like to do that don’t feel like work.

So Name 5 things you could easily do on the side (and actually can make or you’ve already made cash):

  1. Eating Cookie Dough Icecream.  OK, so I don’t know if there’s an opportunity for me to get paid doing this but I’d LOVE to get a sponsorship with Ben & Jerry’s or Grater’s for a Cookie Dough eating side job.
  2. Dog walking (and now people walking is a thing too).  I love dogs…for a limited time only.  After like 3 or 4 days, I’ll admit the “fun” of getting off the couch to walk a dog in rain, sleet or snow got really old.  BUT the $60 I used to earn per day was pretty sweet!
  3. Working out!  Almost everyone who knows me knows I get paid to work out.  I used to be a gym rat so I figured why  not get paid to do something I’m already doing.  So now I teach INSANITY and Zumba at my job.
  4. Tweeting, blogging and updating your status.  Izea is a place where you can earn money by teaming up with companies you already love to post pictures, reviews or tweets about them.  (Click here to sign up, I’m an affiliate!)
  5. Focus Groups!  (and mystery shopping).  I LOVE focus groups.  I’ve earned anywhere from $75 to $250 for 1-2 hours of time.  You sit in a room with a few other people and give your honest opinion on products, ads and services.

How to Make Extra Money: Focus Groups

YOUR turn!

What are some ways you’ve made (or can make) extra cash?

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