How Goes It?

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Highlights from my #FinCon16 Credit Chat with Experian

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

This post is just a quick update because I’ve been a little missing around here lately.

  • #FinCon16:  Last week I attended the best conference on Earth, FinCon16.  It’s the financial blogger’s conference and was held in San Diego.  I am still overwhelmed by all of the love and info I received.  But more on that later.
  • Food Subscription Box Update:  I have so many boxes coming from SO many directions that I don’t even know where to begin.  I am currently reviewing my Green Chef boxes and so far I’m in love with this food.
  • The Feds:  It’s the end of the Fiscal Year for the Federal Government so things are pretty crazy around the office right now.  12 hour days and time is flying.  Wish me luck on a happy end of fiscal year.
  • You:  I appreciate all of the love, likes, views, comments and questions from my badass readers.  This blog is nothing without you so I want to take this blog in the direction that YOU want.  Keep the feedback coming so that I can deliver content that YOU want to read.

Enough about me, how goes it with YOU???  I’d like to know what you’ve been working on in the comments.

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