$25 Holiday Cash Giveaway


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

[tweetthis]How many would believe me if I said: “I PROMISE you wouldn’t lose any friends (or family) if you didn’t buy any Christmas gifts this year.”[/tweetthis]

Holidays are normally full of cheer.  But for some the holidays are a source of stress.

People stress about gift giving.

I don’t understand why!

Most people don’t even remember what you bought them last year (go ahead and try to remember every single gift).

More emphasis should be put on the gifts that money simply can’t buy.

Those gifts are more meaningful to me than anything in any store.

Think of how awesome it felt to have someone ask you how you’re doing and they actually listen to your answer.  They ask how your year has been.  What you loved about 2015 and what you hated about 2015?  Which day did you feel like a total badass? Which day did you feel like a loser?

I promise people would LOVE to answer these questions.  And their answers may even help you!

(I just realized this post is full of promises.)

So my challenge is for you to ask someone at least one of these questions this week.

[tweetthis]Win $25 by asking questions: What did you love/hate about 2015? When did you feel like a total badass?[/tweetthis]

You receive 1 entry per question.

On Friday I will use Random.org to pick a winner!

oh, and if you have credit card debt, don’t buy ANY holiday gifts.  Getting out of credit card debt should be more important than some new stuff and clutter.  Explain to your friends and family your financial goals and they will totally understand what you’re going thru.  They will admire your bravery for sharing such a difficult story.  And they may even be in the same boat and needed to hear that and will join your challenge!

Happy Holidays!

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