Friday Five

Friday Five: Spending

Friday Five: Spending

friday five spending

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

It’s Friday!  My favorite day of the week!

Time for the Friday Five.  If you’re new around here, I’ll tell you what it’s all about.

My friend JMoney over at Budgets Are Sexy decided to ask his readers 5 random questions every Friday.

I thought this was a crazy cool tradition and brought it on over here.

Today’s Friday Five is all about spending!

1:  What was the last thing you bought online?

2:  What was the last thing you bought in a store?

3:  What was your biggest purchase last week?

4:  Did you use cash or credit?

5:  This space intentionally left blank

My turn!

1: I paid $38.80 for 2 sports bras.

2:  I spent $26.77 on Costco Gas (and spent $42.37 inside).

3:  Went to a fabric store and spent around $80 (cash).

4:  I love points so I use 1 credit card pretty much everywhere.  Except for my fun money.  This week I set aside $100 to spend on anything I want.

5:  I’ll give a quick budgeting tip here:  Plan for everything, write it down and stick to it!

Your turn!  I’d like to know what you bought last week!


  1. 1. Personalized story books for my two youngest granddaughters. $28.00
    2. Groceries at Giant. I forgot my coupons, but I did save some $$ by having my store card. A little over $100.00
    3. Tickets to 3 shows at the Kennedy Center next year, 8 tickets total. $716.00
    4. Credit card.
    5. I like your tip- write it down and stick to it.

  2. 1. Online: A book. $7.99
    2. Store: Coffee. $2.18 (convenience buy)
    3. Art: $1,500 …in the Bahamas from one of my fav artists AJ Watson (I have a problem).
    4. Cash installments…
    5. Number 3 is worrying but we have agreed on installments. I love art like some people love shoes and shopping…

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