September 2015 Numbers and October Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

September was full of cool events!

Let’s jump right into the numbers.

Readership: 741 views (74 LESS than August)

Blog: $0  (no effort, no income)

Fitness (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $392.66 (I took 2 weekends off)

eBay: $0 (again, no effort, no income)

Facebook Likes: 297 (16 new likes)

Twitter Followers: 744 (56 new followers)

Top Post:  The FINCON Five: 5 Things To Do Within 5 Days of Leaving FINCON

September in a nutshell:

Epic Chicago wedding!  Best wedding I’ve ever attended.  Flew Spirit Airlines and totally rocked their carry on policy.  I fit EVERYTHING in my backpack! FINCON15. Best conference ever-on Earth-period.  Grocery Game Challenge.  Sewing!  Made 2 dresses! Excellent credit score.  The Pope in DC.  Featured Fitness Instructor at Mime Lab 2015.  Celebrated 9 years at the USPTO!  Georgetown Chocolate Tour!  Gave the best gift at a baby shower (stock certificate).  New Fiscal Year!

October Goals:

Be a total badass!

Start the 5% rule this month (because I totally didn’t start it last month):

I will try to increase everything by 5%: readership, followers, likes and side hustle income.


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