Flu Shot or Nah? 6 Tips For Avoiding The Flu Without Getting The Flu Shot!

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Yup! You read that right-I do not get the flu shot-never have, never will.  My fear of the flu shot comes  straight from my mom.  ”I’m not letting them inject me with the flu!  Are you crazy!”

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the concept.  You are given a very mild version of the flu so that your immune system can produce the proper antibodies to fight the bug.  And at the same time prevent you from catching the flu.  Sorry, I don’t buy it.

Here are the steps that I take to avoid catching the flu.

1. Rest-this step sounds like a no-brainer but is totally overlooked by most people.  Your body has to have a moment of rest and recovery. You should feel revived and just like new every time you wake up!

2. Vitamins-Don’t underestimate the power of Zinc!  Zinc is a powerful vitamin when it comes to preventing and shortening the life span of a cold.  Vitamin C is also good for you too!

3. Hand Washing-I go overboard with the hand washing.  I wash my hands before and after I eat.  It is a good idea to wash your hands before you eat because germs and viruses enter your body through your mouth.  And your hands collect germs and viruses every time you touch a new surface (especially at buffets).

4. Don’t Touch-Germs and viruses also enter the body through your eyes and nose.  So think about that every time you dig in your eye or wipe your nose.  If you need to do those things, make sure your hands are clean or you keep hand sanitizer handy (or use a tissue for cryin’ out loud).  Because so many surfaces have germs and viruses that are ready to be transported into your body-door nobs and handles, elevator buttons, your mouse and keyboard, cell phones, fridge handles, keys, money, shared utensils, handrails, the gym, the cafeteria and many, many other places and surfaces.

5. Watch Your Breathing-ok, this one is a little extreme but here it goes.  If you’re near someone who sneezes or coughs, try to turn your head and possibly hold your breath or take a deep exhale so that you don’t breathe in their germs.  I know that one is kind of weird but it sounded like a good suggestion to me.  So I try to do that one without looking crazy.

6. Cover Up-when you cough or sneeze, try to do it into a tissue or your sleeve.  Just so that you don’t get the germs on your hand and re-transport those germs.

Do any of you guys get the flu shot? Why or why not? Any additional tips on staying flu-free?  Because I’m pretty sure we all have much better things to do than stay at home sick (oh, if you have the flu, KEEP YOUR BUTT AT HOME! DO NOT come to work spreading your germs).

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