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The FINCON Five: 5 Things To Do Within 5 Days of Leaving FINCON

The FINCON Five: 5 Things To Do Within 5 Days of Leaving FINCON


Sometimes you just know when certain people and events are gonna be special.

This year I attended my 5th FINCON and for some reason, I KNEW FINCON was gonna be special when I hit that register button back in 2011.

There’s nothing that could have prepared me for all of the knowledge, info, assistance, friendships and fun I’d have at each and every FINCON.

Each year I leave FINCON wiser, smarter and a little more bold-and not just with my blog but in life.

So here are 5 things you MUST DO within 5 days of leaving FINCON:

1:  Send thank you emails!  The first time someone sent me a thank you text, I thought my head was gonna explode.  It was really touching to know that I’d made a positive impression on someone.  Let anyone that you connected with know that you appreciate the conversation, laugh or connection you made.

2:  Connect on Social Media!  Make sure you join the FINCON Facebook group and follow your new friends on all social media networks.  Start with PT Money and the speakers and go from there.

3:  Get visual!  Post 5 pictures (and use the hashtag #FINCON15).  We want to see who you are and remember your name!  Sometimes it’s hard to put a name to a face (especially during the awesome parties).

4: What did you learn?  I’d love to hear your top 5 takeaways.  Or even your top 5 memorable moments.  Who were the people who were unstoppable and we all should have met.

5:  Give feedback!  Evaluations are the most important part!  FINCON would love to hear what you loved and didn’t love about the conference.  (Actually, what you didn’t like is just as important as what you liked).  You can even give yourself feedback and ask yourself if you accomplished all you wanted to accomplish and how you’ll improve next years FINCON experience.  Reach out and ask the people who you connected with to critique your blog and other products.  And offer the same gesture!

These 5 steps are important because we can all be at the same place at the same time and have completely different experiences.  We can hear the same sentence and hear different things.  

Please make sure you are following me and I am following you so that I can see all of your awesome tips, info and memories!

Me (Crystal) and Jackie Lam from
Me (Crystal) and Jackie Lam from
Anyone else have notes on random papers?
Anyone else have notes on random papers?
  1. Love all your ideas! I am also working on reaching out to people I didn’t meet, because it was SUCH a big crowd! Great seeing you again, but we didn’t get nearly enough face time!

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