Apple Care or Nah?


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

My MacBook Air is back!

Last Wednesday, I dropped my computer off at the Apple store because it was broken.

I would turn it on and would hear the chime, the apple on the back would illuminate but nothing would happen on the screen or keyboard (they keys are supposed to illuminate too).

It was fixed by Friday!  Yahooooo!

My computer is still under the free 1 year warranty.

So I didn’t have to pay the $280 repair bill.

2015-06-22 (1)

Which brings me to my next question:

Should I purchase Apple Care?

My warranty expires in September and we all know I am terrible with electronics!

I used the free (AT&T 1 year) warranty to get my cellphone replaced to ultimately drop it within a week and break it again! (Read Why I Don’t Have Insurance On My Cellphone And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

And of course that last drop is NOT covered under the free warranty.

Apple Care would cost $249 plus tax and it would add an extra 2 years of coverage.

What would you do if you were me?

Do you have some sort of warranty on your computer?

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