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Side Hustles Make The World Go Round


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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Side Hustles Make The World Go Round!

Side hustles are important to your budget because they provide an extra boost to your finances.

I currently have lots of side hustles.  I’m a landlord, I blog (and write), I’m a Group Exercise Instructor (I teach Zumba and Insanity), I sell Mary Kay and I sell stuff on eBay.

Being a Group Exercise Instructor is by far the most rewarding.  I get triple pay for it:  

1: It’s keeping me in shape.  I work my hardest when I am the instructor.  I’ve noticed I burn almost twice the amount of calories I burned as a participant.

2:  Free membership!  I can go to just about any gym in the Washington DC area for free!

3:  And I actually get paid to do something I love (income of $500+ per month).

My side hustles are funding my fun money account.

So I would like to have my readers share some of their side hustles so that we can all learn from one another and can brainstorm.

I’ve you’ve been thinking about starting a side hustle…NOW is the time to go for it!

The opportunities are endless, do you love to sing karaoke? Then you can sing for hire at weddings.  Do you play an instrument or speak a foreign language?  Teach that skill to someone else.  Are you a smartypants?  Tutor!!!!

And the list goes on and on my friends.

You want to find the perfect combination of what you love and what people will pay for!

This is your year to pay off those credit cards, build your emergency fund and travel the world!

You’ve had the power all along-you just need to figure out what you’l LOVE to do…and actually DO it!

  1. I love this post! Ironically, I have a post scheduled for a new site that I am collaborating with asking if it’s worth doing side hustles-I think you’ve answered that question! Keep up the good work Crystal.

    1. I think you’d be perfect with sewing and giving advice and cooking/baking!!! You should be like that guy and walk people! I thought that was such a cool idea!

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