Friday Five: Free Money

source: moschino
source: moschino

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

A crazy news story caught my attention.

Here’s my mashup version of what I think I heard:

“A homeless guy was withdrawing $150.00 from his account at an ATM.  All of a sudden the ATM started dispensing cash at a crazy speed.  He couldn’t get the machine to stop and he was trying to collect the money as it poured out like he had hit the jackpot at a casino.  Onlookers called the police and said homeless man was arrested.”

Isn’t that crazy!

This guy didn’t do anything wrong and the bank later said that there was some kind of programming error that caused the mistake.

Which brings me to today’s question:

What would YOU do if you received extra money from the bank?

Here’s my answer:

I actually don’t know why this has NEVER happened to me.  Psssst, Bank, can you please make an error in my favor??? Preferably today!

One day I found $20 next to my friend’s car when we were walking into a 7-11.  I quickly spent that money in said 7-11.  Later on that night, (when it was time to pay to get into a party) I realized that that was MY $20 that had fallen out of my pocket when getting out of the car. FAIL!

I digress, I think I would totally keep the extra money (don’t judge) because I know that mistakes do happen and I believe that I am in line to receive some pretty good karma for a change.

But I honestly HATE hypothetical questions because I 100% believe that you really DON’T know what you will do until you are actually IN a particular situation.

Now all eyes on YOU!

What would YOU do if you received extra money from the bank?


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