2nd Annual Holiday Donations Contest

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I just realized that I haven’t run this contest since the first one in 2011!

I am such a slacker ūüôĀ

But here it is again!

I am holding my 2nd Annual Holiday Donations Contest!

According to a (now super old) Money Magazine article, here is a list of the average deductions claimed by adjusted gross income:


Now these are averages. If you are below these averages, you need to step up your charitable contributions game!

Why are these numbers important?

Because making charitable contributions reduces your Adjusted Gross Income (AKA the amount of money you have to pay the IRS when you file your tax return).

I am giving away 2 make that 4 $25 prizes!

Here are your ways to enter:

  • Get rid of stuff! ¬†You have until Dec 31st to get rid of your clutter. Get rid of some junk!¬†I have an ongoing pile of stuff that I am getting rid of. ¬†You are more than welcome to email me a picture of your pile. ¬†I will post a picture of mine. ¬†Drop them off at your nearest donation place. It can be the salvation army, good will, a shelter, I know animal hospitals love sheets and towels. I always drop my stuff in a drop box and then call the number on the box and then they mail you a (blank) receipt! Turbotax has a¬†donation estimator. ¬†So just enter the number of each type of item donated and they assign a value and add it all up for you!
  • Tell me what you think about my website SophisticatedSpender.com. (email me at SophisticatedSpender@gmail.com)
  • Follow SophisticatedSpender (@Crystalh8725) on twitter, or like me on Facebook or any other social media outlet in the bars up top!

So please enter the contest by telling me you donated something in the comments section below! I will use random.org to pick a winner!


Good Luck!!!

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