Smart Menu Planning Challenge

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Last week, my friend Michelle over at the Shop My Closet Project challenged herself to stop wasting food.

I have accepted her challenge.

Here is MY version of the rules:

1.  Eat the food that I’ve already bought.

2.  Plan all meals for the week.

3.  Grocery shop with a list.

4. Buy items that will only supplement what I already have on hand.

5.  Stay within a $20 budget.

Here’s what actually happened on Day 1:

1. I took inventory of what I had in the freezer.  The Chicken Cherizo (fresh made at Whole Foods) caught my eye.  So I picked out items that would work well with the Cherizo.  I figured the best matches would be: Naan (a thick version of a tortilla from Costco), corn salsa (from Trader Joe’s) and spices.

2.  I decided I’d make some type of Mexican inspired dish.

3.  I made a mental list (I know, totally doesn’t count) of what I needed to buy in order to make said Mexican inspired dish.

4.  I ended up purchasing 4 avocados, a bunch of kale and a pound of ground sirloin to make my dish.  I also impulse bought 2 pints of ice cream and a wheat grass plant.

5.  I spent $33.39 which was actually $23.39 because I used a $10 gift card.

Here’s the final product:





Chicken Cherizo sausags (casings removed), ground sirloin, spices (garlic, onion, cumin, chipotle chili, chili powder, cayenne pepper), extra virgin olive oil, naan, corn salsa, avocado and kale.


Brown meat, add spices and some water.  Cover and simmer.

Turn on broiler (oven).  Brush naan with oilve oil on both sides.  Brown one side.  Flip and top with meat, corn salsa, (optional cheese), and kale. and put back into broiler to slightly toast.

Top with sliced avocado.


Feel free to tweak recipe in any way.  Last week I made pizzas with the naan.  I had some italian sausage from my butcher that I had browned and used basil pesto and bruscheta for sauce and then topped with cheese!

Are you with me on this food challenge???  What is your meal plan for the week?

**Update.  I will NOT live without happy hour.  So I am allowing myself at least 1 happy hour session this week too!



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