Friday Five: You’ve Got Mail!

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Todays Friday Five is all about your email!  I’ve also provided a few updates on the sidebar.  I’ve been doing very well with my savings goal.  I’m still falling short on my blogging income goal.  But I am investigating a few more ideas.

1. What’s the number of email addresses you have?

2.  Do you have a top priority one?

3. How many unread messages are in your inbox?

4.  Do you have folders set up?

5. What was your very first email address?

1.  I have one email each for work, gmail, yahoo, blog, college and Mary Kay.  So that’s 6!

2.  Gmail is my top email because it’s my newest one and I get the least amount of spam in that one.

3.  I currently have 11,850 unread messages.  I’m glad those aren’t pieces of real mail!

4. I have folders set up for Groupon, Coupons, my Blog, Mary Kay and Investment Properties.  I NEVER look in said folders.

5.  This one is funny.  The first email address I created was  I used to love those cars when I was young!

Ok, your turn!  I’d like to know all about your email!  Or at least let me know how many unread messages you have!

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