10 Facts About Sophisticated Spender 7

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I’d like to take a few minutes to tell ya a little bit about me:

1.  I’m an engineer.

2.  I went to the Ohio State University.

3.  My degree is in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

4.  It took me 7 years to get said degree (don’t judge).

5.  I’m an awesome landlord (3 units and counting).

6.  I used to be a day trader.

7.  I LOVE Zumba (and food).

8.  I’m a Zumba instructor (during my free time).

9.  I also teach Insanity.

10.  I started this blog on May 16, 2011 (and lost everything and restarted it again, twice).

Please take a few minutes to tell me about yourself!

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7 thoughts on “10 Facts About Sophisticated Spender

  • Adella Toulon

    Hmmm let’s see:

    1. I am a Domincan island girl through and through.

    2. If you put ART infront of it, I will come.

    3. I love cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) and enjoy writing about it. My thesis was on Bitcoin.

    4. I have a masters in Business and Finance Law from GW Law but,

    5. I think having a law degree makes you a lawyer as much as hanging out in a garage makes you a car.

    6. My three simple pleaures are: talking to children, baking and reading.

    7. I believe that breaking down things and thinking them through is KEY in being a decent person.

    8. I speak less than 6 languages and more than 3.

    9. I am a zumba instructor. WOOHOOO!!!

    10. I believe in living everyday to the fullest: Being kind, mindful and flexible is key.

    10.a I REALLY admire Crystal!

    • SophisticatedSpender Post author

      I admire Adella! You are too kind! But why haven’t I had ANY baked goods yet??? I loved reading your responses! Thanks for reading!!!

  • Luis Suarez

    Hello Sophisticated Spender!

    I’m Luis. I came across your blog through an article featured on my credit unions facebook page.

    I’m a UC Berkeley grad, went off to for a 3 year love/life/start-up adventure in Brazil. I’m back and working on rebuilding my credit and wealth in the states! Am happy and grateful to have come across your blog 🙂