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Unsolicited Advice from a 37 Year Old (in Italy) 6

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Greetings from Italy! Today is my birthday and is also my last day in Italy. I’m be catching the train from Milan back to Venice then flying home to DC. Italy has been a journey of self discovery and I hope to return to America a better […]

My Crazy Schedule and How I Prepared For It

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Check out my crazy schedule this week! In addition to my full time engineering job, flag football practice and blogging, I will teach 7 classes before heading off to Italy! How I Prepared for the week: Trader Joe’s! I know I will not have the time to […]

So Money Podcast with Farnoosh Torabi: Recap and Resources

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Welcome to all of my new visitors. I am glad you are all here! Please click here to check out the So Money Podcast with Farnoosh Torabi. I was honored to be a guest on the show and we had a conversation about me and the blog! […]

March 2015 Numbers and April Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! First I’d like to thank each and every one of my readers. Thanks for sharing the useful posts with your friends. You keep me motivated!!!!! Now back to business! Here are some numbers from March: Readership: In March we had 677 views.  That’s double the views from […]

How to Make Extra Money: Focus Groups 7

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Check out this video from July 25, 2011! I love easy money! Participating in Focus Groups is a super easy way to score extra cash. What are focus groups?  Companies love to do market research before releasing a product.  They hire companies to contact their target audience, […]

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Side Hustles Make The World Go Round 5

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Side Hustles Make The World Go Round! Side hustles are important to your budget because they provide an extra boost to your finances. I currently have lots of side hustles.  I’m a landlord, I blog (and write), I’m a Group Exercise Instructor (I teach Zumba and Insanity), […]

February 2015 Stats and March Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Here are some numbers from February: Readership: Readers in February we had 339 views.  That’s down from 543 in January.  I’ve read some totally cool articles on blog post ideas.  So I will write better posts this month! Twitter followers: 543 Facebook page likes: 260 Side Hustle […]