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PSA Back That Thang Up

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! My posts have been sporadic lately because my MacBook is broken (again). Not only am I good at blogging, I’m also good at breaking computers *sigh I did NOT purchase Apple Care for my computer but it is covered under a 1 year limited warranty. I have […]

Why I Don’t Have Insurance on My Cellphone (Update) 4

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! New phone zone!!!!!! As promised, here’s an update on my previous post: Why I Don’t Have Insurance on My Cellphone (and Why You Shouldn’t Either). You can read all about my situation by clicking here. In a nutshell, I cracked the screen on the camera lens of […]

My Cracked Windshield Update

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Time for an update on my cracked windshield debacle.  Click here to read all about it. I finally spoke to an attorney. Federal Employees have access to a lot of services for FREE (via LifeCare-find out to access the service thru your agency). My consultation with the […]

Apple Watch or Nah? 5

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Apple unveiled their new device today: The Apple Watch This watch is crazy expensive! I’m in the market for a new fitness watch because my Polar watch is getting old. Here’s my old watch: It’s on sale for $55 too! It simply doesn’t work as well as […]

Why I Don’t Own Any Prada! 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I had the pleasure of speaking to someone who thought they knew me very well.  Our conversation went a little something like this: Random: you don’t own any Tiffany Jewelery??? Me: no! Random: All women have Tiffany Jewelery! Me: ask those “women” what their retirement accounts look […]

12 Great Stocks for 2015:Review

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! You guys all know I love gambling and by gambling I mean buying stocks. I used to be a day trader so gambling is what I used to get paid to do! Money Magazine told us their suggestions here in The 12 Great Stocks for 2015. Out […]

End Of Year Income Tax Saving Tips

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! We only have 17 days left in 2014.  This is has been a pretty decent year for me so far.  Today I’d like to share with you a few of that things that I’ve done to make sure I will not be paying Uncle Sam too much of […]

Year To Date Credit Card Spending 2014 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I was cruising through my credit card statement and was curious on what I’ve spent so far this year. It was CRAZY! Since Jan 1, 2014, I’ve spent $46,462.82! Crazy right? Here are the categories (in my Alex Trebek voice-I love Jeopardy!): Merchandise & Supplies: $20,300.99 Travel: […]

Improve Your Financial Behaviors 2

  Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I can’t believe 2014 is coming to a very fast end. And there are a LOT of things I want you to spend some time and ponder before the end of the year. Today we will start on how to improve your financial behaviors. Which brings me […]

PSA Back Up Your Data!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Nobody understands the cloud! -Jason Segel Today’s post is just a general public service announcement. I need you to backup your data on your computers, phones, laptops, tablets, etc. My poor MacBook crashed earlier this year and I finally got it fixed last month. Computers crash all […]