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What I Read This Week: Money Minute Contest, Traveling and

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! It’s my favorite day of the week again. Here are a few of the cool articles I read this week: Yes, I’m Pretty and I’m Traveling Alone I entered the Go Banking Rate’s Money Minute Video challenge.  Voting begins Monday so stay tuned.  I will be begging for […]

What I Read This Week: Money Blunders, Yard Sales and Real Estate

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! What an awesome week! AT&T replaced my broken cellphone (for free)!  (Click here to read all about it) I was featured on Real Money!  Click here to watch a video of my money blunder.  I overpaid for a lemon back when my credit was terrible. I also […]

What I Read This Week: Student Loans, Taco Bell and Stacking Benjamins 3

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I read a few cool articles and thought I’d start sharing them with ya on a weekly basis. Enjoy! Find out if your student loans are forgivable at Taco Bell gave away free breakfast on Cinco De Mayo and I still wouldn’t eat there! Some pretty […]

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Friday Link Love: Taxes Edition

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! This week I read the coolest article on taxes. Investor Junkie’s “How to Pay $0 Tax on a Six-Figure Income” got a lot of people talking.  Check out my comment on the article.  I spoke about charitable donations and mileage deductions. I also participated in a cool […]

My Favorite 2 Posts of the Week

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! It’s my favorite day of the week…Friday! I wanted to take a second to tell you about 2 of the really great articles I read this week. J Money over at Budgets Are Sexy wrote about Having Enough. This quote right here: When you truly have enough […]