Friday Five

Friday Five: #1KHustle Side Income Challenge

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I haven’t done a Friday Five in a looooong time. Shout out to J Money from Budgets are Sexy for the idea. I’ll ask 5 questions that have a common theme and we all provide our answers. Here we go! Today’s Friday Five is all about side […]

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Friday Five: Can I Go Cash Only in September? 3

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! It’s my favorite day of the week again! Friday We all know I love a good challenge, so why not start this new month with one of my favorites… cash only! Can I go cash only in September? I can’t even answer this question because I normally […]

Friday Five: Sewing Update 1

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Flash back to 1 year ago today…. On July 29th 2015 I wrote about sewing. 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project: Sewing Edition It must be sewing season because I have been bitten by the sewing bug again. Last year I made a few pieces but […]

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Friday Five: Library

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! It’s my favorite day of the week! Friday! This week’s Friday Five is brought to you by your local public library! When’s the last time you’ve been to the library? Where was it? How long were you there? Why’d you go? Largest fine you’ve ever had to […]

Friday Five: Pokémon Pokéstops I’d Like To See

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! If you haven’t heard by now….Pokémon is back….with a vengeance! Pokémon Go is like a virtual scavenger hunt.  You search for Pokéstops, have a virtual fight with a Pokéthing and collect Poképoints.  (My nephew Justin will quickly correct me if I’m wrong!) How to stay the hell away from spot […]

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Friday Five: Lost & Found (2 Years Later)

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Check out this Friday Five from 2014.  And I just realized I never even answered any of the questions! (today’s answers are in red) It’s my favorite day of the week! Every Friday, I will ask a series of 5 questions about any and everything. The idea […]

Friday Five: Become A Regular! 2016 Edition 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! This post is brought to you by my favorite quote: The gym-become a regular! This is one of my favorite quotes because becoming a regular at the gym is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do for yourself! I am a regular at […]

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Friday Five: Travel Insurance (2 Years Later)

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Check out this blast from the past in April of 2014. I’m having a great time while on vacation. I also had a not so great time (we’ll call it an ungreat time). Crazy things CAN happen while on vacation (My friend fell out of the golf […]

Friday Five: Say What?!? (One year later)

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Once a month I will update an old post to show how i’m a flip flopper my opinion has changed.  (The updates will look like this!) Here we go! It’s my favorite day of the week again! Some people say you should never say never.  But I […]

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Five Facts About Prince 4

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! We lost a musical great-Prince! Today’s Friday Five is all about Prince (Source Wikipedia). Here are 5 (or More) Facts About Prince: He had a patent! On July 26, 1994 he received a patent on his keytar (a keyboard guitar). He wanted to walk, jump and dance around […]