The Time Is Now: Why You Should Start Trading TODAY

Do you feel like you’re missing out on all of the GameStop and WallStreetBets action?

Well, the biggest mistake you can make is investing into something that you don’t understand.

I used to be a day trader and I have spent money learning how to be a better day trader. I have invested in courses and I happily pay a monthly fee to be a part of a day trading community where we share specific charts, trades and actions we take to make money.

I’m an affiliate and I will walk you through a few of the courses offered by people that I know in person and have trusted in my hard earned money!

1. Tela Holcomb (Trade Your 9 to 5)

I’m sure you dreamed of a worry free vacation before. We all have! A dream which seems unattainable with a 9-to-5 job which barely makes ends meet, or maybe even with nights and extra shifts thrown in. Stressful just thinking about it, and living it is a legitimate nightmare. That is all up until you meet Tela Holcomb.

Tela has admitted being stuck before. Having a job that doesn’t cover everything, she wanted to explore the world of investment. In hopes to make more than she already is, she started learning in 2009, but was overwhelmed by the terminologies and lingo, which, in her own words, sounded like rocket science. Three years later, she was terminated from her day job, and that was when she started pushing herself to invest. Not long after, her retirement account has doubled, and the life that has always been just a dream became her reality. And the sweet part? You could do the same!

Offered on her site is the opportunity to be coached by Tela herself. This means that her expertise and her experience will be at your disposal.

Her program is also simpler and easier to understand than most, requires absolutely no initial investment, and gives you lifetime access to the program’s materials. Dedicate a few hours a week and you’re good to go! Just ask her many satisfied clients.

You may check out what she has in store by visiting

2. Kevin Matthews II (BuildingBread)

Did you know that the average investor loses around 1500USD annually on bad investments? Did you know that the average investor lost around 22,000USD in the most recent recession? Most importantly, did you know that you could avoid all that from happening to you?

Right at the A-list of the most influential financial advisors is Kevin Matthews II. Another fact to remember is that Kevin is also a bestselling author, and he has managed more than 140 million USD in his advisory career. Experience? Nothing short of 10 years. This guy has a fully stacked resume, and has more than 5000 winners that are on their way to generational wealth under his belt.

The services he provide come for as low as 49USD, and cover quite an extensive range. Kevin has a course for everybody, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran in the stock market. He has something in store for you, and you will surely learn something from him. And in some cases, you will be learning from material authored by him and 4 of the best investment teachers you could find.

If you want to win in the rough world of trading, make sure to visit to learn how to.

3. Courtney Richardson (The Ivy Investor)

For those who want to be a jack-of-all-trades of investment, you might learn a thing or two from Courtney Richardson. She was an investment advisor for 15 years before she was an attorney, and her expertise in both the legal and the financial field has paid off. You may ask The Huffington Post or Forbes about her credentials.

She founded The Ivy Investor in 2014, a platform initially made to help women in the investment world. Now, her site is open to the world, and she also provides courses that teach a wide variety of lessons and courses regarding investment. And a good selling point is that these courses are very accessible and inexpensive. Some of them are even free!

Her courses cover your entire career as an investor, meaning she has something for you from the time you start investing, up to when you choose to retire. She has courses to help you in making that big leap into the stock market, as well as a guide in how to properly plan for your retirement. Keep in mind that these courses are very modern. That means the lessons that she has offered are fit for the situations we have today, all coming with 15 years of success from Courtney herself. More for those newbie investors who want to start this year!

It would be a good decision to start your stock market journey with Courtney, and you may do so at

4. Teri Ijeoma (Invest With Teri)

As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. But did you ever take the time to think if your first step is in the right direction?

Teri Ijeoma offers her help for those who want to start investing, but don’t know how to. Her program would guide you on how to choose a good company to invest in, how to shield your portfolio from losses, and how to secure a strategy for future investments. With her as a guide, there is very little doubt in where your first step is headed. I’m pretty sure she will even get you up and running in no time.

The Invest With Teri process only has three steps. First, you would be learning at your own pace with her online classes. These will teach you the basics, up until you get to a more advanced level. Next would be coaching calls with Teri herself and the community. This is where you will get to hear firsthand experiences, and pick up new ideas as well. Lastly, you will start investing in the stock market with some guidance so that you get a feel about how actual trading happens.

It is worth taking note that her services’ payment scheme is also very flexible, and may be paid in installments. When onboard, you will have an abundance of learning materials to help you in the world of stock trading. Talk about great value, right!

Curious? Visit to learn more.

Noted by all experienced traders and investors are the risks, and how nothing is a sure profit in the stock market. Although true, this is no reason not to invest. The more time you spend, the more money you could make. And with these people to help you, success should come sooner than later.

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