November 2020 Recap and Stats

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

December is here! This year has flown and it isn’t over yet! I still have BIG plans for 2020 and I will finish the year strong. I really miss doing all of the things that I used to do, but I’ve decided that a positive attitude is the best way to deal with my frustrations.

Let’s get to the numbers!


In November I made $1,001.91. My Black Friday Sale was the reason for the spike. Click here and enter code “shopsmall” for 30% off. Orders have really slowed down, which is a good thing. The total number of face masks crossed 700! My sewing side hustle business also had a birthday. She turned 4. years old and I STILL haven’t bought any clothes. I am working on WAAAAY too many custom sewing projects for clients and I will not be accepting any new customers. I will stick to only selling the items that are available in my store because that provides better boundaries and fair pricing for all parties involved. In December I’ll be participating in the Carlyle outdoor Holiday Market! Items are available for pre-order too. Please check us out if you are in the area! Click HERE for my order page.


Taught 4 abs classes and 2 Zumba classes (virtually). I’m lucky enough to teach at lunchtime at my full time job. I made $184.70 this month. The virtual classes are actually harder to teach than the in person classes because I feed off of the energy of the live bodies in class. My Zumba class is a LOT smaller but the abs class is bigger.


Most of you guys know that I used to be a day trader. Click here to check out my posts all about how I failed miserably and eventually was let go. I’ve always owned a few stocks here and there. But I stepped up my game by taking my friend’s day trading course. I am an affiliate of 3 different day trading courses and I highly encourage you to learn from the experts. I wasted a LOT of time and money trying to learn everything on my own. I am really glad I signed up for the course. I’ve made my money back and then some! Below are the courses I recommend. These are all people that I know and TRUST. We are friends in 3D, not just online. Check them all out, follow them on socials. They are always dropping tips, tricks and free resources!

Trade Your 9 to 5
Invest With Terri
Building Bread
Ivy Investor


This year I’ve decided that I need a break from being a landlord. I’ve been a landlord since 2005 and it is EXHAUSTING. I was the landlord of 3 units and I want to pivot and put my energy into other things. So I put one the home in the DC area on the market. Turns out it is a sellers market because inventory is VERY low. I am very thankful for that. I also picked up a few more empty lots on the South Side of Chicago for only $1. (Click here to read all about my first 2 lots.) This year totally worked out because the closing was virtual and I didn’t have to fly anywhere! I’ve been researching programs and initiatives in the City of Chicago. My goal is to bring high end affordable housing to those spaces.


This year my beloved FINCON went virtual. I was excited to see the conference opened with yours truly on the screen. I spoke for 3 minutes and I gave my Positive Money Message (Click here to listen).


My November challenge was to eat at home more often. Since my Woodbridge place is empty, I have to pay that mortgage all on my own. So I have to cut waaaaaay back on spending. I did very well with this challenge. I allowed myself 4 dining out days and I only used 3 of those days. I’d also like to point out that the times I went out but didn’t have to pay did NOT count towards that number. I will continue the challenge into December because the place is still empty.


In my next post I will share my goals for this month and how I performed on last month’s goals! Thanks again for reading. Starting this blog back in 2011 was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I use Bluehost (click here to get started) for my host and if you’d like to start your own blog, I HIGHLY recommend it. And you can as me as many questions as you’d like because I reached out to a lot of bloggers when I first started. They were SO helpful! I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life!

Quote Of The Month

Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.

Jim Rohn

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