Get Outta Your Sunken Place

Get Outta Your Sunken Place

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Themes of rebirth and renewal often use symbols from the spring season. Spring also refers to love, hope, youth and growth. -Google

I love Spring!

To me, Spring is all about hitting the refresh button.

It’s a chance to get out of your Sunken Place.

(Side note, the movie Get Out refers to the “Sunken Place.”  Here’s my spin on that concept.)

Your Sunken Place can mean anything…

Are you tired of your cluttered home? Do some spring cleaning. (Or just pick up and move!)

Are you tired of your job?  Find something that’s more fulfilling (it can be a hobby).

Are you tired of your daily routine?  Switch things up today.

My dad used to refer to this as being in a rut.

And I feel like I’m in a rut.

As I ponder the changes I’ll make this coming Spring, I felt the need to look back and get some motivation from a few of the previous HUGE changes I made that have had a significant impact on me getting out of my sunken place.

1: Switching Schools, 1998:  In the fall of 1996, I went off to the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign to study General Engineering.  Well I flunked out…twice!  I knew it was time for change.  My best friend was looking for a roommate so I packed up all of my stuff and moved to Ohio!  Since I wasn’t a resident, to save money, I transferred all of my credits to Columbus State Community College and received my Associates Degree.  This gained me automatic admission into THE Ohio State University (I was a resident by this time). I had a high GPA and qualified for a few scholarships.  And eventually graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  I always kept a full time job while in college too, I worked at Target, TGIFriday’s and then finally an IT company.  Yes it was scary but it was one of the best decisions of my life!

2: Real Estate, 2005:  The owners of the building that my mother lived in wanted to sell the building.  I got scared.  I thought some investor was gonna come in there and raise my mother’s rent to something that she couldn’t afford.  So I reached out to my other best friend.  I knew she and her husband attended these Real Estate Investor’s meetings.  I told her that I wanted to come to the next meeting.  My hope was to find a really nice investor and talk them into buying that place and not raise my mom’s rent.  As I chatted with others in the group, a mortgage broker approached me and said, “Why don’t YOU buy the building?” And I gave him the stank face and said, “ME????”  And in my head I was thinking, I didn’t know anyone my age who owned property, my credit is terrible AND I have an eviction on my credit report, and a million other reasons excuses why I couldn’t do it.  He shoved his card in my hand and a few months later I became the proud owner of that building.

3: Moving to Virginia, 2006:  I was fired from my day trading job in June of 2005 and was devastated.  I kinda knew it was coming, but I cried my eyes out on the train ride home that day. (click here to read all about My Adventures in the Male Dominated World of Day Trading) I had no idea what to do. I obtained my real estate license (because I kept attending those Real Estate Investor’s meetings). But that wasn’t the right career for me.  Then one day, I was looking in the Sunday paper for a job and I saw the announcement for a job for engineers in Virginia.  I called the number and set up an appointment.  My interview went very well and I was offered a job right on the spot.  The interviewer said, “You’d move to Virginia??”  And I said, “I’ve never even heard of Alexandria but me and my stuff will be there!”  I didn’t know anyone there and packed all of my stuff and moved. (I actually thought it was a scam.  It was just too good to be true!)

4: Entered a holiday contest, 2010:  I had a friend who read these things called blogs.  I had no idea what they were but she really seemed to enjoy them.  And one day one of the blogs she was reading had a holiday contest.  You could win $50 by reading the post and commenting and subscribing.  I ended up winning the $50 but I gained a lot more than $50.  The more I read these blogs, I realized a lot of my friends came to me for advice on the very same topics these guys were writing about.  So in May of 2011, Sophisticated Taxpayer was born!  I go by Sophisticated Spender these days.  Now I get to attend really cool conferences and meet crazy inspirational people.

5: Co-hosted a challenge, 2016:  I partnered with Jason Butler from the Butler Journal and created the #1KHustle Side Income Challenge.  Our mission was to make $1,000 through our side hustles. (Click here to read all about my wins and fails).  Well that challenge led me to the creation of Sip and Sew Old Town.  This new baby has taken a HUGE chunk of my time but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So far it’s been a steady income and I have a few new tricks up my sleeve.

I’m not saying all of this to brag, I’m saying this to help you get out of your sunken place.  But I have to warn you, it takes bravery and courage.  You have to know yourself and believe in yourself.  You also have to surround yourself with people who know more than you and people who will cheer you on.  I am here for YOU!  Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for tips, ideas, one on one time and anything else you may need.  I appreciate each and every one of my readers and it is my goal to help you get out of your sunken place!

****I’m going live tonight on Facebook life to answer any questions you may have!!!!  That’s tonight April, 20, 2017 at 5:00 PM EST!***


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