Blog and Income Stats: March 2017

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I’ve missed waaay too many posts (I said the same thing last month)!

Let’s get to the numbers!

Readership: 411 (+ 15)

Blog Income: $130 (+65)

Fitness Income (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $306.20 (I am STILL owed some monies, we’ll see if I get paid this month)

Sewing: $555.00 (Yes, yes and YES!)

Facebook Likes: 360 (same-nobody left!)

Twitter Followers: 1,049 (-1)

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Went to St Croix and Chicago this month.


Yes, I am STILL owed money for teaching a Zumba class in January.  Grrrr! I still teach only 2 classes per week: INSANITY on Mondays and Zumba on Fridays.  I’m lucky enough to be able to  teach during my lunch break at my full time job.


I’ve been behind the scenes and need to get back on my regular schedule.  The numbers don’t lie, the more times I post, the more views I get.  My lack of posting is really starting to show.


I’ve challenged myself to make all of my clothes this year.  So far so good.  I taught 2 sewing classes and 1 was for a bridal party. It was lots of fun!

Quote of the month:

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. (Unknown)

Your homework:

Pick a side hustle and start it already!

I’d love to hear about your numbers and goals in the comments below!

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