Blog and Income Stats: January 2017

sophisticated spender

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I had a great month (thanks to Sip And Sew Old Town)!


Let’s get to the numbers!

Readership: 693 (+91 I did not miss any posts!)

Blog Income: $65 (same)

Fitness Income (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $237.67 (I am owed some monies, we’ll see if I get paid this month)

Sewing: $1059.69 (Yes, yes and YES!)

Facebook Likes: 359 (+6)

Twitter Followers: 1,049 (+20)

Top Post:  I Received A Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Check And I’m Pissed! 


I actually didn’t go anywhere in January.  What a shock!


The fitness center was closed for a week and there were a LOT of holidays.  I didn’t teach as many classes but I ventured out to a few cool new classes.  One was called Yoga and Beer!


Helped 1 person start their own website.  I also attended a few networking and personal development workshops.


I taught 3 sewing classes this month and spent a LOT of money since I started the business in November.  I am ashamed of how much I’ve spent but I will share EVERYTHING with you in a future post.  This post will talk about what I wish I’d done differently and etc.  I also plan on not buying any clothes this year.  If I need something new, I will make it myself!

sip and sew, old town


Quote of the month:

Never stop learning!

Your homework:

Watch the Warren Buffett Documentary on HBO.  It’s called Becoming Warren Buffett

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