Win A Financial Success Planner!

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

It’s time for a giveaway.

Ever wonder how I keep my 2,000 side hustles in order?

I write everything down.


I keep track of who I speak to, emailed, where I spent my money, who has given me money, and etc.

I do the same for my businesses and my personal life.

In comes Tonya Rapley.

I so LOVE her!

She is the creator of My Fab Finance.  She’s a celebrity y’all.  She’s been on the cover of Black Enterprise and in Glamour, Marie Claire and has her own TV show.

Please check out her website

She’s created TONS of free checklists and tools.

She’s pretty awesome.

I am SO lucky to know her and have her as a friend.

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The Powerful Ladies of Personal Finance! (Tonya has on the colorful skirt)

She’s even shared my very first (ok, ONLY) eBook with her audience: “5 Reasons You Haven’t Started Your Side Hustle (& How To Fix That)

I really really appreciate her and she has my full support in all her endeavors.

Which brings me to the Financial Success Planner.

She created a Financial Success Planner that helps me keep track of EVERYTHING.

I love this planner and I bought 2.  I for me and one to share with one lucky reader.

(Or just click here to buy one now).

This contest is VERY easy.

I really hate jumping through hoops to enter contests.  Normally contest=spam.

So just comment below saying what’s on your mind to be entered.

You can like, or share this post IF you actually liked it.  I don’t encourage people to share things that they don’t like for the sake of entering a contest.

So there you have it.

I love this planner.  This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

So please comment if you’d like to win one.  Or just click the link to buy one for yourself (and I don’t make any money from you clicking the link.  I love to share things that I actually use and love.)

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