Introducing the New Year New You Financial Summit

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Me, Michelle and a Gator at #FINCON14

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

So I’ve been participating in a pretty cool Financial Summit.

What is a Summit?

It’s when a group of experts get together to teach you some pretty cool stuff.  It normally lasts 1 week and you hear from a different person each day.

It’s a great way to get the opinions and perspectives from a wide range of people and you will find a person who speaks directly to you and has a message that you totally relate to.

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The New Year New You Financial Summit is co-hosted by a personal friend of mine Michelle (She’s the one in the jacket).

I met Michelle at one of the very first Financial Bloggers Conferences that I attended and we’ve been the best of friends ever since.

She’s pushed me to tell my story and pushed me to share stories that I didn’t even know that others would find interesting.  I take everything she says seriously because I respect her opinion.  She runs the shop my closet project and she has a podcast and group called the D.O.N.E. Society.

Please join us in this year’s New Year New Your Financial Summit!

Click here to join in!

Here’s more about the Summit:

Are you ready to change your financial life in 2017 but need some help figuring out how? You’re wondering how to budget, talk to family about money, grow your income, get rid of your debt, or invest for the future then you need to sign up for The New Year New You Financial Summit today!


We have brought together 20 amazing personal finance gurus to talk about all things money. Click Here to sign up today!


If you are tired of struggling with your money and not sure what your next step should be we’ve got you covered!


The New Year New You Summit:

  • Is free but if you decide to buy the replays you will get access to a ridiculous amount of bonus content.
  • Is free and has a number of giveaways you should be signing up for. We giving away a number of prizes that we would love for you to win!
  • Has an amazing amount of life-changing information. We want to help you get your finances right!


Register here to gain access to this free educational and amazing event.

See you there!

P.S. It’s free the week of the conference!


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