Buying Stocks Based On Social Trends (And Elections)

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

As a former day trader, I know that you can trade anything!

Click here to read part 1 of My Adventures in the Male Dominated World of Day Trading.

Day trading is actually a form of gambling in my opinion.

Companies are starting to offer trading advice and tips based on:

-Analyzing keyword search trends

-Social media

-What brand the Kardashians have mentioned in the latest episode







So how can you get in on this?

I have a friend who is using to place his bets.

He bet around $1,600 that his candidate will win (Donald or Hilary-I won’t tell).

He can win anywhere from $300-$400 if his person wins the election.

I haven’t personally taken the plunge yet.  Because if you lose…well, you lose!

I’m still in the research phase and here are a few of the articles I’ve read:

How To Predict Stock Market Trends Using Social Media

Using Search Trends & Social Media To Predict Stock Market Moves

Investing Based on Seasonal Trends

Have you tried this too?  Please share your experience with us!


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