Sewing Webinar Is Ready! #1KHustle


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Where have I been???

I’ve been working hard on the #1KHustle Side Income Challenge.

This is week #4 so it’s time to go all in (AKA I procrastinated so this is my final push to finish strong).

Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

1:  Created the ENTIRE TrainedByCrystal brand!  I already had a logo but I made a record of all of my brand colors and fonts.  I created a website that catered to 4 different people.

2:  Created all of the website pages:  I’ve created a total of 13 website pages to make it all happen.  I had to create: Home Page, Sewing Home Page, Fitness Home Page, Meal Planning Home Page, Sewing Email Confirmation Page, Fitness Email Confirmation Page, Meal Planning Email Confirmation Page, Sewing Project 1 Page, Webinar Success Page…

3:  Email boxes:  I created all of the email subscription boxes and forms that capture all of my email subscribers.

4:  Emails:  Made all of the welcome emails for the different brands.  So far I am only pushing the Sewing brand so I’m further along for this one.

5:  Payment:  Added PayPal payment buttons on the Sewing Project 1 page.

Next steps:

I have some testing to do and some emails to create!

I really think a lot of people would benefit from a step by step course that details all of the steps I’ve taken to get my Sewing Webinar up and running.

I can’t stop thanking all of the fellow #1KHustlers and my master mind team for pushing me to take this HUGE step.

Are you participating in the #1KHustle Side Income Challenge?  What HUGE step are you waiting to take?

Please check out my Sewing Project 1 Page!  I’d really appreciate your feedback and opinions!

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