#1KHustle Side Income Challenge: Week 3 Updates

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

And welcome #1KHustlers

I can’t beleive 3 weeks have flown by.  I am SO not ready!!!!

It’s time to check in with some updates!

We want to hear all about your successes, failures, redesigns, goals, plans, execution lists, excuses…pretty much everything!

Here are my week 3 updates:

Monday: So I stopped keeping daily track of everything that I do and am realizing that was a HUGE mistake.  Now I actually have no idea what I’ve accomplished day by day.  I will get back to daily tracking my progress-on pen and paper.  Since I failed at keeping regular track, I’ll just give a general update:

Survey:  The survey was an official fail.  0 people filled it out.  Maybe I should have used a Facebook ad to target my audience.

Facebook Ad:  I spent around $20 on a facebook ad to increase engagement on my new TrainedBYCrystal.com website.  It reached a lot of people but only got 1 like.  So that was a HUGE fail.  I’ll experiment with shortening the ad and changing the target audience.

Welcome email:  I finally perfected the email opt in boxes for all 3 areas of the site: Sewing, Fitness and Meal Planning.  I have a few subscribers for the sewing (that’s the only one I’ve been marketing).  I also received really great feedback from the welcome email that I sent to the subscribers.  I’m working on fixing that email based on the suggestions.

Sewing Webinar:  I STILL don’t have a date or a price.  I’m thinking I’ll have to host a test webinar for free so that I can get the kinks out of the system.  I don’t feel ready to host one yet.  For some strange reason, I’m shy (all of a sudden).  I did make a sale on a sewing kit (yaaaay). (Click here to visit the sewing website)

Social Media: I received awesome advice on Pinterest.  A lot of my potential customers are there so I need to reach them.  I went through all of my pictures and put all of the sewing related pictures into one folder.  The next step is to get all of those pictures pinterest and social media ready.  (I really need to find a Virtual Assistant to do that task!)

Fitness: I picked up a new class to teach on Thursdays in Georgetown (Zumba).  So that’ll increase my bottom line.  I also picked up a new class to teach on Tuesday mornings at my job (Spin).

Writing: I followed up on 1 lead to write a post for another website.  We’re still working on the details.

Selling Old Stuff: I took pictures of the items I plan on selling

Plans for next week:

Pinterest: Get those pictures and ads ready for Pinterest.

Sewing Webinar: I need to put together better ads for the sewing kit that I am selling and I need to create an email, add and more pictures for Project #1.  I need to get those items sold and in the mail to the sewing webinar attendees at least 3 days before the webinar (mad behind on this).  I’d also like to create a few target ads for Facebook.

Fitness and Meal Planning: Each step that I take for the Sewing webinar, I also do the same for fitness and meal planning.  I will start the marketing for these two after all of the kinks are worked out of the Sewing system.  But I know that my target audience is not on pinterest for those.  I also plan on creating finding all of my fitness and meal planning pictures and putting those into separate folders (on Google drive) too.

Selling Old Items: I need to get those items listed SOMEwhere.  ASAP!

Website: I think I did a pretty good job of creating the TrainedByCrystal brand and I’d like to help as many people as I can create brands of their own.  I’d like to create a webinar or something.

I’ve said a mouth full.

I am grateful for this challenge because I would NEVER have done all of these items in such a timely manner without you all.

Your Turn!!!

I’d LOVE to hear how your progress is going on the #1KHustle Side Income Challenge!

Drop your update in the comments below!

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