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#1KHustle Side Income Challenge: Week 1 Updates

#1KHustle Side Income Challenge: Week 1 Updates

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

And welcome #1KHustlers

It’s time to check in with some updates!

We want to hear all about your successes, failures, redesigns, goals, plans, execution lists, excuses…pretty much everything!

Here are my week 1 updates:

Monday: Only spent about an hour on the webinar (Full time job got in the way-excuse).

Tuesday:  Went to the Museum of African American History (more on that later).  I left that place SO inspired!

Wednesday:  Had a quick lunch at the same museum.  Blogged about the contest entrants.  Ongoing collection of names and ideas for sewing webinar.  I have some really cute pieces that I’ve seen and I have no idea how to make but I’m gonna make it happen!

Thursday:  The labels that I created for the sewing webinar arrived.  They look SO cool!  I may make another side hustle out of showing people how to create their own labels (and fabric). Secured a venu for an on-location webinar.  Need to pick between 2 dates: Oct 23rd and/or Oct 30th.  I will do both dates if there’s enough interest.

custom, sewing, labels
I made these!

Friday:  Email sewing webinar survey.  I’ve compiled a list of things I think I should know about each attendee.

Saturday: I had planned on attending a meetup for Black Girl Entrepreneurs but there was  HUGE last minute change in the entire setup of the meeting (location, agenda and everything).  So I decided to not go (excuse).  I will possibly attend their next meetup on Oct 15th.  Hopefully the survey results will roll in and I’ll have an understanding of my 3 options for a class.

Plans for next week:

Sunday:  My mom and little brother leave today so I’ll have more free time (sounds like another excuse to me).  I am not allowed to leave the house until I create my 5 emails about the webinar.  And I HAVE to get a testable website ready.

Monday:  Holiday!  Extra time to work on everything.  My plan is to: Send email #1, create a social media sharing plan (suggested tweets and email campaigns).  Take pictures of all options: material and sewing kit.

Tuesday: Ask community for help spreading the word about the webinar.  Figure out how to collect payment.  Figure out the price of all materials to make item #1 for the webinar.

Wednesday: Go live with webinar “tickets.”  Secure realistic number of sewing machines for the live class.  Create list of options for tickets: in person option vs. online version vs online version with all materials included.

Thursday:  Mail materials for the people who selected online version with all materials included.

Friday:  Testing, testing, testing.

Saturday:  Testing, testing, testing.

Your Turn!!!

I’d LOVE to hear how your progress is going on the #1KHustle Side Income Challenge!

Drop your update in the comments below!

  1. Hello everyone. This first week has been good for me. I got on the board Wednesday with an eBay sale. I have a few freelance things that I will be working on this weekend. Last but not least, I will be hitting the thrift stores hard this weekend. It’s game time!

    How have y’all been doing this week?

  2. Not such a great start for me. My number 1 side hustle is Amazon and I have had problems getting merchandise. I think that won’t be the case next week. I’m also hoping to get a freelance client by the end of the contest.

  3. I’m doing okay so far! I’ve made $127.33 this week from my Etsy shop, survey sites, and Poshmark sales. I also worked on promoting my blog and Etsy shop, and I moved to self-hosting and bought a domain for my blog, so hopefully these will help me see bigger returns in the long run.

    I posted a full update on my blog:

    We’ll see how next week goes! I have to do a work retreat for all of next weekend so I’m a little worried about the lost time there.

    1. Awesome job Katy! I know how time consuming moving to self-hosted can be (I’ve been there too). Good luck! I think you’ll be fine. Remember to enjoy your work retreat!!!

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