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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Jason Butler (TheButlerJournal.) and I are crazy happy to have so many people on board for the first #1KHustle Side Income Challenge.

The Side Income Challenge

Check out the players!

1: Shantell-(a personal friend of mine).  She plans on stepping up her eBay game, freelancing, running a resume writing special, hosting a nonprofit workshop and launching a virtual product.

2: Diane-Selling things she no longer uses; selling makeup; typing jobs; online selling.

3: Gail @The Knitty Kitty ( already has 2 side hustle jobs and plans on using her extra $1K to put towards debt!

4:  Tyler ( a fellow FinCon-ian-will blog.

5:  Katy @ Making & Saving-promoting her Etsy shop, clearing out her Poshmark inventory and monetizing her blog!  Head on over to her blog to hear all about her plans.

6: Kaleb-I think his plans are top secret.

7: John-Will be doing business consulting and a host of other things.

8: Liz-She will be stepping up her freelance writing and others.

9:James-he’s also in the t-shirt business!

10: Candice Marie-another fellow blogger.  Check her out over at (

11:  My girl Erica (we’ve been friends since high school) will be tutoring and other things.

12:  Eric is on board with investment education and a few other things.

13:  Kim has a Shopify store and will kill it on there!

We are crazy excited to have you aboard!!!!

My 4 week plan:

Week 1: Finish the website for my sewing webinar. Reach out to 5 people about writing a freelance article.  Connect with 5 other sewing bloggers/personalities.  Sell the Gucci bag that I never carry (try local consignment shops-Craigslist is the backup plan).

Week 2: Beta testing of webinar.  (I’ll need some testers y’all)

Week 3:  Start selling webinar tickets!!! Yaaaay!!

Week 4:  Host the webinar and sit back and watch the dough roll in…right???

Let’s make this money yall!

It’s not too late to join (***only the people above are eligible for the Amazon gift card)!

Sign up over at The Side Income Challenge

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