And The Winner of the Hello Fresh Box is….

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

We had a grand total of 10 entries and here’s how I broke it down:

1 Amanda L (liked)

2 Amanda L (commented)

3 Amanda L (shared)

4 Donielle R (commented)

5 Jany R (commented)

6 Jami V (commented)

7 Jami V (liked)

8 Jami V (shared)

9 Kelly H (commented)

10 Kelly H (shared)

I am happy to announce that picked….

#7!!!!!  Congratulations Jami V!!!!

You won!!!

Please send me an email or message to get your subscription started!

Thanks to all who commented, liked, shared and read my post.

And if you still want to try Hello Fresh for only $29, please use my coupon code BYJJZQ (or click here) to grab a box.  I think that’s a great price to try such awesomeness.

Blue Plate is next on my list.  So hopefully that subscription box will come with some kind of promotion too!


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