My Food Subscription Box Experiment

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

The other day Groupon had a sale.  So I decided to give a few of those Food Subscription boxes a try.

Here’s what I bought:

Hello Fresh (click here to read the Hello Fresh post)

Blue Apron (click here to read the Blue Apron post)

Green Chef

PreMade Paleo

Plate by Zumba ( My Referral code for a 10% discount on any zumba-thing 45205)

Zumba Shake Shake

Why am I doing this?

1: I love a good challenge.  I will pretty much join any challenge that is presented to me.  But the main reason is meh.  Things have been really blah in my kitchen lately and it’s time for a change.

2: I don’t know how to grocery shop!  It’s time for me to finally admit that I don’t know how to grocery shop.  I spend a lot of money on food that normally find its way to the trash.  I need to stop wasting food (and money).

What I hope to learn from this experiment?

I’m looking forward to making some really cool dishes.  Who knows, I may lose a little bit of weight because I will also learn a little bit of portion control. I also want to share my experience and hacks with you guys.  I tried a little bit of research but it wasn’t enough.  So hopefully my experience will help someone else.

Are there any questions you have about food subscription boxes?

Please make sure you are following me on Facebook.  I’ve already posted a few videos unboxing my first 2 Hello Fresh boxes. (Here’s a youtube preview)

[youtube_video id=”FRExkRpOYSo”]
And make sure you use my referral code if you’re thinking about trying Hello Fresh.  The price with my coupon code is cheaper than the Groupon price!  You will receive $40 off your first box (6 huge meals for $29! (Click here to use it: Code is BYJJZQ)

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