Friday Five: Pokémon Pokéstops I’d Like To See

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

If you haven’t heard by now….Pokémon is back….with a vengeance!

Pokémon Go is like a virtual scavenger hunt.  You search for Pokéstops, have a virtual fight with a Pokéthing and collect Poképoints.  (My nephew Justin will quickly correct me if I’m wrong!)

How to stay the hell away from spot a Poképlayer?

They are walking (or driving-pretty scary, I know), and they are totally distracted because they are staring at their phones.  Oh, and holding their phone at arm’s length like it’s a metal detector.  They are VERY entertaining to watch because:

1:  They don’t realize there is a crowd of people watching.

2: They will walk by on one side of the street make a U turn and then walk back and forth or cross the street and repeat said actions.

3:  All of a sudden,  they’ll make frantic swipes and taps on their phone.

4:  You will be urged to want to go out and give them a hug.

From my understanding, the Pokéstops are at random locations.  So I was thinking, I’d like to see Pokéstops at…..

1:  My Zumba and INSANITY class-what a great way to get people in shape!

2:  Driving Control-this one is complicated.  But the idea would be to get people to follow the speed limit and drive safe.  You’d earn Poképoints for following the posted speed limit or not tailgating or hitting a curb.

3:  Shopping control-you’d get rewarded for staying in budget and setting (and reaching) your savings goals.

4:  Fitness Rewards-you’d get rewarded for attending my classes (ok, or any fitness class or an actual gym!)

5:  Volunteer Rewards-you’d also get rewarded for volunteering at events.

I urge my Poképeeps to be VERY careful because there have been a few robberies because the players have been SO distracted.

I’d love to hear about the Pokéstops you’d like to see!


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