Friday Five: Become A Regular! 2016 Edition

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(Yes, I have on 3 shirts in this picture)

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

This post is brought to you by my favorite quote:

The gym-become a regular!

This is one of my favorite quotes because becoming a regular at the gym is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do for yourself!

I am a regular at the gym because being a Group Exercise Instructor (Zumba, Insanity, Spin and BodyShred) is one of my many side hustles (Click here to read about my others)!

This also made me think about all of the other places that I frequent on a weekly basis…

Where’s Crystal?

1: Gym!  I teach anywhere from 2-5 classes per week.  I also pop into a yoga class from time to time for some relaxation!

2:  Work!  That one could be a no-brainer!  But I love going to work everyday.  Please let me know if you’re participating in my #LunchStreak

3: Happy Hour!  Can’t have work without happy hour!  I like to unwind with co-workers after a long day sometimes.  And prices are normally pretty cheap during happy hour.  It makes sticking to a budget more bearable! (And now Jazz in the Sculpture Garden is back, so I’ll be there on Fridays for sure!)

4: Cleaning! OK, that’s a big fat lie!  Everyone who knows me knows that I HATE cleaning and avoid it all the time.  I was just making sure you’re still paying attention :)

5:  Cooking!  I actually love cooking and grilling.  I’m pretty picky with what I eat and have been really disappointed with a lot of restaurants lately.  90% of the time I’d rather eat a home cooked meal.  And it’s easier on your pockets!

Your turn!  I’d love to hear about what my readers do on a regular basis!

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