Friday Five: Say What?!? (One year later)

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Once a month I will update an old post to show how i’m a flip flopper my opinion has changed.  (The updates will look like this!)

Here we go!

It’s my favorite day of the week again!

Some people say you should never say never.  But I totally disagree.  There are things I’d NEVER say and I am 100% confident this will not come back and bite me in the arse!

List 5 things you’d never say!

1: Let’s go to Taco Bell!  (I HATE taco bell.  If you ever hear me say this call the police because it’s a code word for “help someone is trying to kidnap, rob or beat me!”)

2: I’m on my way, I just have to stop and get a payday loan for some cash for the weekend!  (I actually fell into the paydayloan trap in my 20’s and escaped and will NEVER go back!)

3: Let’s go watch the fireworks on the National Mall on the 4th of July.  (That place is a mad house.  Avoid this if you can.  Enjoy the fireworks from a nice rooftop otherwise you will be trampled by a mom with a SUV sized stroller!)

[tweetthis]4: Sure I’ll cosign your loan!!!! (The bank was totally wrong. They don’t know ANYTHING about money!)[/tweetthis]

5: Let’s stay at the Ramada!  I’m in the mood to feel unsafe while sleeping and constantly worry about my belongings while out on the town (oh, and “what’s that smell?”)

Your turn!!!!!

I’d LOVE to hear 5 phrases you’d never say!

Have a great weekend!

Shout to my friend J Money from Budgets are Sexy.  He’s the father of the Friday Five!

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