Homework Assignment #2: Count Your Emails!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

So yesterday I heard a pretty interesting bit of info:

The average American receives 147 emails per day!

~Ryan Deiss

I thought, “That can’t be right!”

Then I saw this:

gmail, inbox, too many emails

Hmmm, maybe they’re on to something.

Yes, I have 18,511 unread emails. I can explain:

  • Shopping emails
  • Solicitations
  • Bank emails
  • Online Billpay
  • Meetups
  • Twitter notifications
  • XYZ is on sale
  • Did I mention solicitations

This is totally out of hand.

I think I read 5% of my emails.

It’s time for a change!

Like NOW!

I finally attempted Homework Assignment #1.  Unfortunately I scored a 33%.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.51.33 AM

I only unsubscribed from 1 magazine (which is better than 0, c’mon, give me a little bit of credit for trying).

Since I’m on a winning streak, I will unsubscribe from at least 2 more magazine subscriptions AND I will unsubscribe from 5 email lists (or send them directly to spam).

Wait, I forgot to actually state today’s assignment (*slaps forehead).

Please count the number of emails that you receive today (or tomorrow, just pick a day).  Use your primary email account (because we all have several).

And figure out which emails you can do without.  Get rid of some of your digital clutter!

You ready?

Let’s do this!

And before I forget…

Did you complete Homework Assignment #1?  Why or why not?  (Give me some good excuses here!)

Will you count the number of emails you receive today (or whenever)?

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