Homework Assignment #1: Unsubscribe

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I feel like as kids we hated homework but as adults we NEED homework.

There’s nothing like a detailed set of instructions to get us started on a much needed project.

So today I will give my first homework assignment.

Please keep in mind the first homework assignment is a work in progress and the assignments will get better with time (kind of like this blog right).  If you don’t believe me, my first blog post had a grand total of like 5 or 10 words.

Assignment #1: Unsubscribe

We all know I have unread magazines and emails.

This weekend I challenge you to hit the unsubscribe button on things you just don’t get around to reading.  With magazines, you just flip thru a few pages and will find the unsubscribe info listed with the credits (or grab  your magazine label and do it online).

See, the first assignment should be a piece of cake.

I’ve been saying I will unsubscribe from my magazines and I never seem to get around to it.  So I am hoping to unsubscribe from at least 5 items by Monday!

Please do your homework this weekend.  And let me know in the comments what you’ve completed (There may be prizes involved)!

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