How I Recovered From My 500 Credit Score

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I wanted to give you guys a brief look into my crazy experience with credit cards.

When I was younger, I messed up my credit score-BAD!

It was VERY low, somewhere in the low 500’s.

When I was 18, I got my first credit card. It was a Marshall Fields credit card with a $800 credit limit. I was super excited, didn’t have a job and went and bought lots of…clothes!

Then the bill was due.

I knew nothing about credit or why I cared if I paid that bill or not. And my mom and big brother tried to warn me.  I remember she asked, “how are you getting a credit card and you don’t have a job?”

I figured the credit card companies knew something that I didn’t and THAT’S how the bill would get paid.  You know, magic!  Right?

I totally ignored all of the letters and phone calls that I received from them and then…

I went off to college!

I signed up for almost every credit card on campus because they were giving away free t-shirts. And I was also relieved when I’d get declined, because I only wanted the t-shirt anyway.

I had NO idea that getting turned down for those cards was bad for my credit history.

Fast forward to college graduation and all of a sudden, I care about my credit.

So I contact Marshall Fields to finally pay off that card.

I worked out a deal where I would pay what I spent and they forgave all of the interest and fees that accrued.

I also had an eviction on my credit report (stay tuned for that post).  Luckily the statute of limitations had passed on that one so I contacted the credit bureaus to have that item removed from my credit report.

My next step:

I got a secured credit card to start the process of rebuilding my credit. I had to pay an annual fee of $69 AND send them $300 and the credit limit was only $300.  So I paid for just about everything with that card and paid it off in full.

After a few years, I was finally able to get approved for a “real” credit card (American Express) and cancel that secured card.

Now, I’m borderline obsessed with my credit. I check all of my accounts every day!  And I pay my credit card off in full every month!

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What’s your credit story??? Where are you in this timeline???

Are you in the process of building, messing up, or re-building your credit???

I can help no matter where you are in the process!

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I can teach you what to say to debt collectors and what the statute of limitations are in your particilar situation and more!

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