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Friday Five: Win $25

Friday Five: Win $25

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

$25 contest!!!!!!

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I’d like to let you in on a little secret:

I HATE cleaning!

So far, I’ve been too cheap to hire a maid. But it looks like a maid is on the horizon pretty soon for me.

The only thing that’s been holding me back:

I feel the need to clean before I can hire someone.

They are probably gonna think my place is too junky and charge me double for their services. *sigh

Which brings me to today’s challenge:

The pile of magazines is back!


I can’t seem to find the time to read all of my magazines.

Every time one comes in the mail I have a routine:

-I get excited because my new magazine has arrived.

-I stare at the cover while walking upstairs.

-I throw it in my bookbag because maybe I’ll read it during lunch.

-That never happens and it somehow makes its way to “the pile.”

I’ve proposed a few solutions to this devastating pile:

-cancel my subscriptions because I clearly don’t have time to read them.

-head to the library and read them for free IF I REALLY want to read the magazines.

Tell me what you think!

Should I cancel all subscriptions?  Do you have any suggestions?

How many magazines are in the pile???

Please let me know in the comments section your guess??? You can win $25!

*The winner will be announced next Friday!

  1. I would cancel the subscriptions. I have the same problem. I will eventually get around to reading them one day. I think there are 21 magazines in the pile.

  2. I don’t like cleaning either, but I put up with it because of how refreshed I feel once I’m finished.
    I think there are 30 magazines in the pile. (And I agree that you should probably cancel those subscriptions and get your fix online.)

  3. I think there are 19 magazines!

    Cancel your subscription and download the Texture app. Most every magazine you subscribe to is available digitally….. I love this app, and I can download editions to read even offline, read them, delete it, and I don’t tie up the memory on my iPad. (You can use it on the iPhone as well.)

    1. Oh That’s a great idea Lee Anne. You’ll have to see if you get a referral credit and send me a link!

  4. I think there are 22 magazines in the pile. You should cancel your subscription to at least two magazines so that you can invest that money in somewhere else 🙂

  5. I have a lot of Fashion magazines too. I try to make it apart of my living room decor.
    I would cancel subscription.

    Thats looks like 18 in your stack.

    don’t hire a cleaning lady. Roll up your sleeves and do it (unless you get migraines)

  6. Hey Crystal! Your big Bro Here! I guess 27 in your pile. I would suggest cancel all but one subscription. Use that one as a litmus test to see how you do, and increase as needed. I know what you are going through, as you know, as my pile is at least 5 times larger!!!! 🙂

  7. Here’s what I do: I put themagaiznes in my “reading room” and as I skim through a magazine I tear out any page that really speaks to me. Whether it’s a recipe, a dress, an app or a financial blurb. One magazine usually nets 3-5 pages and takes a few bathroom trips . By the end of the week instead of 7 magazines, I’ve got a few pages of really interesting stuff. I file the recipes, check dress prices, check out the apps and follow up on the financial stuff

  8. Also I think there are 13 magazines in there. Keep the subscriptions that you really enjoy but be sure to get them as cheaply as possible. They’re probably all available for your tablet too.

    Get the cleaning lady, you’ll pre clean that first time but she will not judge you either way. Life is short, why waste time doing things your not passionate about if you can afford to outsource the task. Me personally, I cannot be my most brilliant without my cleaning lady. She is amazing and cleans things I would NEVER have even thought about cleaning. She wipes down the legs of the dining room chairs!

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