Save Money: Pack A Healthy Lunch

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Every Sunday I say I will save money and eat healthy.

So this week I’ve decided to show you how I plan on doing those things (so you’ll hold me accountable).

I’m also putting it on the Internet so it can actually come true…because everything on the Internet is true…right?

Here’s a peek at what’s in my lunch bag:

image (click link to see my video, you should also check out my other videos)!

1: For breakfast I have coconut milk yogurt and I’ll add goji berries , almonds, sunflower seeds and mixed greens (powder form).

2: I packed 2 blood oranges a mixture of almonds and sunflower seeds for snacks.

3: I packed a mixture of 100% cranberry juice and beet juice for my workout. I’ll add my protein powder mix to some water for my post workout (vanilla, Cacao and acai).

4: I packed 2 small lunches. Oven roasted turkey breast with veggies and curry chicken, rice and broccoli. I didn’t cook the chicken, my friend cooked it and I will share my turkey dish. This is a great idea because I know I’ll be tired of turkey by Wednesday!


Are you packing lunch this week? How will you save money? Will I make it till Friday with the packing of the lunches?

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