Tips On How To Pay Less Taxes


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I read a really great quote yesterday:

Taxes are revenue neutral. The taxman takes and the taxman gives. Do what the government wants done and you get tax breaks.

~Robert Kiyosaki

I posted that on my Facebook page which led a comment asking for me to elaborate and here’s my response:

The government wants us to buy a house-there is a text credit for that.
They want us to have kids-there’s a text credit for that.
They want us to start our own businesses-there are HUGE tax benefits for that.
Become a landlord-there are lots of tax benefits for doing that too!
Invest in the stock market-if you lose money, you can write that off and if you make money you pay a lower tax rate on capital gains (15%).
The government wants us to save for our retirement, send our kids to college, and I bet there’s more that I don’t even know about…yet!

[tweetthis]Too many of us are sleeping on all of these opportunities to reduce our tax rates. [/tweetthis]

What do you think??? Do you agree or disagree???

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