Friday Five: Superbowl 50

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

The big game is on Sunday.

The Super Bowl!

I’d like to know your preferences:

1: Who will win Super Bowl 50?

2: Let’s back up, who is actually playing in Super Bowl 50?

3: House party or bar?

4: Wings or pizza?

5: Ranch or Blue Cheese?

6: Potato Chips or Tortilla chips?

7: Salsa or Guacamole?

8: Shush people during commercials or nah?

Here are MY answers:

1:  I say the Caroilna Panthers!

2:  Denver Broncos Vs Carolina Panthers.

3:  I prefer house parties because I normally fall right asleep.

4:  Wings!!!!!

5:  Blue cheese!

6:  Lays potato chips.

7:  Guacamole.

8:  I’ll be snoring so maybe I’ll be the one getting sushed!

Your Turn!

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