Friday Five

Friday Five: Uninhabitable Conditions


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

The other day I was thinking about how awesome cookie dough ice cream is and that I couldn’t possibly imagine a world without it.

Which made me wonder about all of the other awesome creations that I wouldn’t want to live without….

Name 5 things that you wouldn’t want to live without!

1: Cookie Dough Ice Cream-enough said. Well, I only like Ben & Jerry’s or Graeter’s Cookie Dough ice cream.

2: Schoop’s Burgers-Schoops is a borderline hole in the wall restaurant in the Chicago/Northwestern Indiana area. Their burgers are awesome! If you ever travel to Chicago with me, we will have a burger there for sure.

3: Giordanos Pizza-Another Chicago favorite of mine. Their deep dish pizza is amazing and I normally bring at least 1 or 2 of these frozen puppies (not real puppies) back to Virginia with me.

4: My FitBit-I can’t make a move without my FitBit on my arm.  I have been a fan since 2012!  I lost my first 3 FitBits but I’ve been able to hang on to my FitBit Surge (it’s also a wrist watch).  It’s weird that I actually look at my wrist instead of my cellphone to see what time it is.

5: The Internet! This awesome blog wouldn’t be possible without the Internet. I also get countless amounts of entertainment and information online.

5a:  NetFlix!  I was able to cut the cable thanks to NetFlix!  I only pay around $12 per month and I can view on 4 different screens.

OK, your turn!!! What can’t you live without?

  1. OMG! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Giordano’s pizza too! Every time I visit Chicago, I make sure to stop there and indulge. I admit that I’ve even ordered a couple of pizzas to be mailed here to California. It was a little expensive and not as good as the original, but worth it as a holdover until I can get back to Chicago.

    1. I’ve actually bought the frozen ones and brought a few home with me! Totally not the same but I totally feel you! Thanks for your (bald) thoughts!!!

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