Your 2016 Financial Tool Kit

2016 financial toolkit

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Let’s get financially fit in 2016!

I’ve compiled a list of the tools I’ve used to help me with my finances!

Blogs:  I love blogs because I’m a blogger.  Just kidding, I love blogs because bloggers share information-real, raw data.  Heck-we OVERshare information sometimes.  You’re not getting hypothetical advice from rich people, you’re getting advice from the school of hard knocks!  A few of the blogs I follow: Budgets Are Sexy,  Yes, I Am Cheap, The Shop My Closet Project, The Cheapsters, Goal Digging into HappinessYoung Finances.

Spending Challenges:  I’m a huge fan of challenges. And sometimes I actually finish said challenges!  I like challenges because you actually receive homework and lots of support.  You meet like minded individuals who aren’t afraid to share their successes and failures.  That helps because you know you aren’t alone!  The challenges I participated in this year were: 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project,  The Grocery Game ChallengeThe Live Richer Challenge and 31 Days of Spending Zero.

Podcasts:  Podcasts have double benefit:  You can listen to sound advice and it’s free entertainment!  Sometimes I’d rather listen to podcasts instead of going out and spending money!  A few of my favorites: The Smart Passive Income, The Brown Ambition Podcast,  Do You Even Hustle,  Bigger Pockets,  Create My Independence,  His and Her Money, Serial, Reply All, This American Life, Death Sex & Money.

Books:  I LOVE books.  I have a TON on my kindle and I have a TON on my bookshelf.  I even carry at least one at all times just in case I get bored.  I hate to tease you, but books require their own post.  Tomorrow’s post will be all about books!

Fun:  These things didn’t fit into any one category!  The Finance Bar-she has a bus (I’ve been on said bus) and an app!  Focus Groups-make money by giving your opinions.  Facebook Groups.  I’m in a travel group that’s saved me money and lots of travel heartache.  Join groups related to your interests.  You will learn EVERYTHING.  I’m not kidding.  I’m in a sewing group, natural hair group, a few blogging groups, fitness groups and the list goes on (and on)!  There’s support out there for all interests and situations (There’s a group for people who hate Donald Trump and the Kardashians)!

Whew!  I said a lot because I haven’t posted in over a week!  I’ve missed you guys!!!

I’d LOVE to hear from YOU!

What were your financial tools of 2015?

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